Kindness & Culture Challenge 

I attribute a lot of what I learned this year to kindness and culture (hence the name change). As a way to say thank to the universe, my goal is to focus this blog on those two overarching topics. This could include more interviews, more open discussions about life, fashion, travel, and food, with a potential hint of sports culture…because why not?

To do this, I need your help! I’m ready for a new challenge, and I would like your input. Maybe you can help me…

Become a philanthropist: It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to be a philanthropist. If I have learned anything within the last year, it is how a little can go a long way. So here’s the deal. I would like to donate money to people who truly need it. Do you know someone struggling? Have you recently worked with a stellar organization? Let me know! I want to help.

Shop for social good: While I still love to shop, I want to challenge myself to make sure my money is going to a good place. For the next six months, I am challenging myself to only buy products that contribute to social good. Know of a killer place that does so? Hit me up! If they have a referral program, I’ll definitely name drop.

Time and acts of kindness: Time, in my opinion is our greatest commodity. If you know someone looking for a solid volunteer, slide into my DM!

Recommend a story: Know someone with a story worth sharing? Do a kindness to the world and send them my way! We can grow immensely by simply listening to others.


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